Monday, February 02, 2004

can you say SNOW DAY!!!! whoot whoot! ok so funny story... we get to the bus stop and the bus driver was we don't want you! we were like wtf... he was like its a snow day and we were like stop messing with us you suck and he said no seriously they truly called it off and then we screamed and ran home, and to confirm it was closed not just delayed we went online to channel 5 and 11 news stations and they said nothing about eagan or district 196 for that matter so for 15 minutes we thought our bus driver had lied to us and made us go home and took everyone else to school cuz he h8s us but then we went to the school website and it said closed... I still believe the mean bus driver story though... its much more interesting. So today i didnt really do anything, went out and played in the snow, slept for a couple hours.... blah blah blah So tomorrow I hope it's a snow day... knock on wood

and thats the way the cookie crumbles....


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