Wednesday, June 23, 2004

hola, my command was to post and here i go
so things are changing like drastically and very very quickly
i m actually accomplishing a lot
i have noticed i m a truly horrible speller (while trying to write this sentence i had to ask maggie how to spell "horrible")
my new bffs are maggie and ruthie, and hannah
my roomate is a replica of my sister
people are cool, some are not
people dont believe me but there are some truly gorgeous girls here, like seriously, and those of us not so pretty
uh, my room is small, and as i said before occupied by lil' erin
la di da, topic rocks esp PLTX and D/As
thee end

p.s. i know i have been saying this for a while but the address WILL make it on here by tomorrow for all of you that care (k8)


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