Thursday, February 10, 2005

have you ever seen a perfectly flat, round smooth stone.
it sits there balanced on the grains of sand,
not sitting there, but floating more or less.
all of the sudden the tide comes and wraps itself around the rock.
no matter how hard it fights it gives in, it pulls to be basking in the sunshine once agian.
it travels through the water,
it finds itself being scraped across the bottom, becoming smoother, more refined.
then it finds it self being tossed, and twirled.
then it finds itself being stuck to by an infant starfish.
then it finds itself being washed up on another beach.
not realizing it at first, its the same beach, the same place where it had laid weeks ago.
but this time its more smooth, smaller, shinier.
it bakes, waiting to be pulled out to sea.
it wants to swim again.


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