Wednesday, February 04, 2004

so as i m sitting here waiting to talk to copes on the online forum i m thinking how utterly retarded school is... we spaz for a grade which eventually gets us in to college which is supposed to help us get a better job. So much it relient on a damn grade... well what if some of us are too sucky to make the grade, will we end up living in the gutter with the other incompetant non grade getters? I dont kno it just seems so surreal like that tv show where unfamoused stars live like they were famous again...surreal. I m really sick of school and trying to make the grade, perfection is killing me and on top of it all i superly like this guy which is turning into a pathetic mess.

So when you tell people how you feel about them... like hey kid i like you (just for example), are they supposed to like you back, avoid you, or act all cool like nothing changed. Option number trois please with a side order of cake to go... i wish. Instead its a number two with large glass of haterate.. what can you do.

the icing on the cake is everybody is hooking up and hanging out with friends is becoming almost impossible because just friends are becoming more than friends and when an attempt is made on hanging out with one w/o the other it all falls apart...

my cup is half empty and dripping with envy......


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