Thursday, March 18, 2004

Movies made in the 90s with almost famous stars in them, with predictable endings rule my world, you know what else does dan to the kauppi. thats right, he has a cool story, and to recieve the full coolness click on the super hot guy link in my blog because i m sure the uber cool story will be posted and if its not, i thought wrong about the coolness of mr. kauppi.

I m really tired, while filing seemingly boring extemp articles i just started to laugh... and DIDNT STOP FOR 15 MINUTES... tired, i think so. you kno what really pisses me off about extemp, so i really suck at it and am used to bottoming out in ranks, yet in speech class when i try to give a deece, relaxed speech i go extemp? wtf, i m really messed up

speaking of messed up things, my friend dfjoadja is having troubles and i dont give a rats arse... excuse me if i m harshing your realm but wow i really dont care about your problems anymore and i m really sick of helping you with your life and getting nothing in return! sick and tired of it.... wow i really hope dfjoadja figures out who they are because that would just add to the wetness of the already large amounts of haterade that are being POURED OVER MY HEAD!

if you think i m tense, you are underestimating yourselves... p.s. i m really sick of being dumb p.s.s. i m really sick of feeling sorry for myself and others p.s.s.s. what does the relevance of me placing more s's behing the p's make this any farther down on the priority list than the original ps... get back to me on this one



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