Monday, February 23, 2004

people wonder why I m a perfectionist... well having skipping gym to get the closest to 100 on a project i could be compared to babysitting and let them roll around in glass... my dad says its not about the grade, and not about skipping gym yet he give me an hour lecture on accountability and how i shouldnt have forgotton to copy down my answers to a different sheet, yah so forgetting is not acceptable but when my parents forget a doctors appt. or forget a cell phone at a work site... its all about not doing it again... what happens when you forget that doctor and dentist for the... god forbid... third time in a row? what now... do as i say not as i do? no, as i m sitting here crying my dad asks after yelling at me, are you ok? FUCK NO I M NOT OK! I fell imperfect... i fell not worty... i thought i was doing the best thing obviously i m not perfect enough... now i get to go be slave driven by my parents because my sister had to tweak at my mom... fuck you erin and fuck the world... i m so sick of not being acceptable or good enough.


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