Thursday, March 18, 2004

why do i do it? I keep placing myself in a vulnerable position, in which the only outcome is getting hurt! and so then why do i do it? and i m so confused do i like him or dont i? and i really dont kno my feelings about god? and i think i m going to go to hell for being a bad persyn and for swearing. and i think that i m going to suck at debate camp because i cant get enough money or support to go. and i think that i will die cuz i like doign well at debate. and i think that i m not going to graduate because of my plummeting GPA and i think i will be thrown out of my house to have to live in the gutter and because of my low high school grades not get into college and never get a job able to buy a house or start a family. i also cant be a hooker because i m not pretty enough. my life has ended DAN WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU WHEN I NEED YOU?


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