Monday, April 19, 2004

i even wrote it in my assignment notebook... it is truly time for another band blog
my defiant tone suddenly came about when mr.jacobsen proposed the shittiest idea of the century... "Its time for a change" he proudly stated and said that he felt that we should move around... i was like what. the. hell. so i clumsily gather my stuff run into various stands and people, excuse me! sorry! all the while thinking wow i h8 you i h8 you i h8 you while drudging across the packed room. so i get to my seat great.. right behind the trumpets... at least one benefit if you kno what i mean... and then mr.jacobsen proposes another plan... 1st and 2nd row trumpets switch rows... great just great so i decide to put it all past me, take a couple deep breaths and shake it off.. then i m plesantly sitting and mr. jacobsen... just full of great ideas today was like 2nd flutes move down... oh and neha you are now a first rower... congrats. so recap.. i m pissy about having to pick up my 15645469 pieces of school crap, the comedic relief just moved to the first row and the trumpets got rearranged. so again i try to tell myself, "deep breath, its going to be fine, just study for science." so i place my notecards in front of me on the stand to study and they fall off... ok so i pick them up again... and they fall off, low and behold a large vent is RIGHT ABOVE ME blowing anything i attemp to place on my stand off.. it gets better. we actually start to play and poor mr. jacobsen, i actually feel bad for him. I fell bad that he thinks his sorry attemps at a band teacher will make us sound better, it looked so determined ( even with a screwed up tongue-hanging-out-of-mouth face) to try to exert some of his good will into us... all in all it failed miserably...

thee end


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