Saturday, April 17, 2004

last night= sheer mahem
first of all the night started off by me coming home from school, awesome in itself, and then eric was coming to pick me up to go to watch a dance thing with him. Pixie (his determined porn-star car's name) is the best and is really gr8 to ride in hahaha. and then laura is a doll! seriously the cutest thing anyone has ever seen. upon eric dropping me off i got a phone call and low and behold it was k8, telling me she was going to be here in oh 2 minutes.and that is where the rest of the night began...

"seamus nights" are my favorite in the world. maureen k8 and i hang out with random people that i dont think in this lifetime k8 and i thought would become some pretty cool friends, and in k8s case more than friends. It was so awesome and bowling rocked even though i had to wrap my feet in tp for lack of socks! and whipping shitties with the mini van! wooo whooo! i thought maureen was going to pass out right next to me haha i m major impressed at seamus's driving ablilities and k8's too! i never thought she had it in her to break more than one driving rule but she did

the night ended flawlessly by me eating dinner at 10 and watching the Red Green show...

life is good


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