Monday, July 19, 2004

hahaha so the most pathetic thing around, i havent posted in so long that they changed the blogger and i didnt even know about it.... wow
so reading dan kauppi's mad wit poured onto the computer i was like hmmmm post? sure. Since i have gotten home from camp i have done a lot and nothing at the same time. For example, the night i got home seamus and kate and jason and david and cara and maureen came over. Cara asked to drive seamus's new truck, he agreed because of cara's fabulous driving skills, so she whips it around the block a couple of times. Then Jason like is breathing heavy and panting and sweaty and is like seamus your truck broke. So like 2 streets down seamus's car with a cop are sitting in the middle of the rode, and seamus's truck wont move like 3 feet without the wheels locking up. So we waited for a tow truck blah blah blah. eventful right? well yesterday guess what i did, got sick. I had this thingy mabob that when i would sit up i would fall over, not so effective for doing things. So i slept and sat allll day, and felt really gross and useless come night so... i watched exercise videos and loved it. critiquing the big hair, reminicing (sp?) about aerobics. wow it was a blast.

synopsis of my summer..... done



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