Sunday, April 24, 2005

Alright, I just had the most weird Caribou experience of my life.

I went in to do my homework and all the tables for two/four were taken so i am forced to take the table for six in the front. Whatevs, not like i cared, so I ordered my drink and stayed to my respective corner, thinking someone would join me if again there was a desperate need for a table. So for about 2 hours I did my thing alone, and then Mattie and a tall skinny kid ask if they can sit by me, I smile and nod to Mattie and completely ignore the other kid, thinking he was just a stupid jock. So I continue my work for around an hour while they carry- on this conversation:
Mattie: What is STP?
Random Jock Kid: I don't know, What is STP?
(Insert random conversation about Lauren Mulken then go back to chem.)
RJK: Yeah so about that STP, hey let's ask Yury (who was working).
Mattie: Yeah.
(So Yury proceeds to come over and to say sorry because he can't remember any of that stuff, so he returns back to work, and the conversation continues.)
Mattie: Yeah dude, we NEED to know this for the quiz tomorrow.
RJK: Yeah, I know.
So bravely i turn to them, out of sympathy and out of the fact they were talking so damn loud and they needed to shut up, I said, "Not meaning to eaves drop on your convo, but STP is 22.9"

And Random Jock Kid, looks up and low and behold it's David Redfield, sworn enemy from ninth grade science, and says, "Thank you so much, we were waiting for you to answer."
I started to blush. I have no clue why. Maybe it was the fact that he said thanks, instead of "Shut up smart girl," a common phrase from ninth grade.
So we continue to talk. Weird, weird, weird. It ended with a thanks, talk to you at school. Again weird.

Moral of the story: Jerks in school are typically really dumb guys who just need some chem help.

thee end


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