Friday, December 22, 2006

This afternoon, while Christmas shopping with Tony, we decided to go to Target. I was looking scrubby in a sweatshirt in jeans just trying to get my errands done. On my way to the frame section there this was man in the aisle, clearly bored while shopping with his wife. As I walked past him, his eyes lit up and he whispered, "Go big blue!" He seemed so excited, temporarily relieved of his holiday husbandly duties. As a result of his extreme happiness I smiled and nodded back all the meanwhile thinking, "WTF. Where have I heard that before?" And then I remembered I was wearing my Michigan sweatshirt. Humored at the idea I wondered if the man thought I was a fan or if I attended UMich feeling some comradery on this dreary Friday. But at that thought I became deeply saddened and guilty. I suddenly remembered that the only reason I bought the sweatshirt is because navy blue and yellow are my favorite colors and it was on sale.

Yay institutions that share my affinity for all colors amazing.

thee end.


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