Tuesday, February 10, 2004

So this whole cheating thing has been on many online journals and i thought i would add to the mayhem

First off the people who, cheated you suck. Why couldn't you have just written it like the rest of us? With the set amount of time and just our brains to rack, not books to purge and hours to write it.

Second off the friendships destroyed is just ridiculous, Why would one incident of cheating pull years of good memories apart?

Third off, the people who cheated needed to feel the consequences, not just slide by, having it be acceptable for you to cheat. It would have bit you in the but sooner or later, re-writing the essay now, or getting to the ap test and having to write an essay on the same topic with no resources and a set amount of time, i guarentee it.

6 students and 4 teachers agree with me do you?


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