Monday, May 03, 2004

the recent demand for a post has been overwhelming.... Kate... cough.... cough That's right i m in such a delusional state that i did the loser cough deemed uncool in 1999, its back and here to stay.

the a.p. test is friday, half of the people who take it don't pass... my odds blow

I havent talked to Dan Kauppi for like 3 WHOLE DAYS! and the world will for surely end as a result.

I have huuuuuuge bags under my eyes that make be look like i am 24 years older than i really should look and that i m a hard-ass drug user.

THe icing on the cake is that my pop-up blocker is supposedly "blocking" the stupid things but it just hides them and makes my puter hella slow. so when i click ctrl-alt-delete it shows like 354 million programs running when in all actuality i am just on aim

i m just kinda confused right now too, i m latly pisses, for more reasons than just stress and am really fucking sick of the fucking fucker of an institution that they call fucking high fucking school

thee end


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