Monday, July 26, 2004

wow, i m mondo stressed out......
people are giving me so much shit about what i need to get done (permit) and i cant fucking take it anymore and on top of that my sister is acting seriously like a retard, like she is talking funny and crossing her eyes and throwing stuff at me and saying "it wasnt me"... blah blah blah, and i throw a towel at her and get yelled at! wtf! I know erin will read this and be like mommy.... sams talking about me again... whatevs.... and this s.e.s. thing is killing me... people are like go sign up. excuse me you really really really dont understand that it is not up to me, i dont drive and i need a certain parents permission before i can do anything. oh yeah and today i went to the ses homepage and downloaded the junior letter and it says stuff about reading over the summer and from what i have been asking my bf she said i could read anything, but now i see that it has to be from a list... so i m left to have to finish peace like a river before my mom will even let me step foot in a B&N to get the next book for required reading... and she says its all my fault i didnt know any better... uh its fucking summer, i m not supposed to be this stressed!


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