Monday, October 11, 2004

wow how seriously pathetic
you know when you type a familir cite into the browser it pops up, ok so typically when i type it does that, but since i havent posted like in a month, it forgot all about me and my online journal. boo computer.

ok so much has happened, jesus, i dont even know where to start... how about with seth

wow pretty sure seth from florida is the love of my life, i saw him at the iowa tourny and he was witty as ever, omg i miss him and the oh (snap) ness, that when i do it alone everyone is like like *Cough* loser *cough*... ahh well, so much for being cool. To prove his coolness his away message this evening was .... eh to the meh. wow how cool is he

pretty sure also i hate my life=the hmwk in my life right now... so much... shit, it pisses me off to an extreme.

you know what else pisses the fuck out of me? not talking to dan kauppi for an entire week, you have never seen depressed until you've seen me under this condition

there is a lot more, but not really post worthy... talk to me if you are dying for the oozy details....

thee end


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