Sunday, August 22, 2004

KANSAS: a short, but well lived, epic
Top 10 Worst things (In no particular order)
1. The ride up
2. having to sit next my annoying aunt in the car.... 7 hours times 2
3. having to sleep in the same bed as my sister.... who kicks and rolls around
4. Sleeping in the same room as my father who sounds like he is dying in his sleep, snoring and then silence and a large gasp of air... over and over
5. Albert Lee... in general
6. Riding home with cranky cousins
7. Not being able to sleep because the tv was on, the radio was going, and people were playing trivia on the ride up
8. Getting stuck behind not only one, but twoooooooo trains, both with over 100 cars
9. Having a conversion van, during rush hour with no turn signals and no brake lights resulting in getting lost because having no ability to get onto the exit on the freeway
10. Esentially, the car rides in general

Top 10 greatest things (In no particular)
1. seeing like 40 of my relatives from all over the US, drunk off their ass and dancing to we are family
2. The food... Blueberry Pancakes, KC Masterpiece BBQ, the wedding food
3. Seeing Dave and Laurie, the bride and groom, soooo happy and in love... it was so cute
4. Dave always tripping over Laurie's train
5. The beds were very nice in the hotel room
6. Doing a threesome with my cousins... haha Dave and Anne
7. A swimming pool that goes in and outdoors and all you have to do is swim under this little wally thingy
8. Watching my sister get hit on by this really large, mexican kid at the wedding and my older cousin attempting to pull off being her boyfriend
9. Watching all my aunts and cousins do the electric slide, including the pregnent-and-due-in-a-mont-one


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