Friday, August 06, 2004

Random thoughts all about: Blueberries
1. Blueberry muffins have an entirely different taste the second day, not necessarily good or bad, just... different.
2. Have you ever thought about having blueberry sauce, like applesauce? They cook down pretty well and are in themselves pretty sweet so why not?
3. Have you ever gotten a blube that is so sour your mouth like craps itself..... or so sweet you need like 187 glasses of water to neutralize your mouth?
4. Its one of the only fruits not paired with say a meat, or salad. i.e. strawberries in a salad or mango salsa on meat, but what could you put blubes on? Chicken? Pork? Salad? (fruit salad doesn't count you nit-wits)

Unrespected, underfunded, and underappreciated, I declare that this moment blueberries are the new apple... instead of apples and oranges, it shall be apples and blubes, and instead of apples and bananas... well you get the idea

get it
got it

thee end


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