Wednesday, November 03, 2004

We'll start with the bad..
reasons my day sucks.. in no particular order
1. congress is republican
2. Minority speaker of the house, Tom Daschle was not re-elected
3. Bush is the president
4. the supreme court is going to be stacked republican
5. Roe v. Wade prolly will get over turned
6. i m tired
7. i have band tonight, pep band that is
8. Kerry conceded the election
9. i dont get math
10. everyone was in a bad mood
11. I have a pltx file to write
12. i have glenbrooks coming up/debate
13. Intesive theme is going to be hard...
Reasons why is was good.. again in no order
1. Ben Geary gave amber another cd
2. i got to hang out with cool people/ one persyn in particular
3. Ms. Lyndell is really understanding
4. Rick and i played checkers


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