Monday, March 07, 2005

Sit down, the coffee’s on, I’ll take it black

Or intravenously, through a tube

Just woke up, feeling lethargic

I’m fixed in a jarred state of mind

Collecting myself, there’s more to be done

Floor tile never feels so good as when it’s your Only Friend

It leaves me with an overall lack of comfort

That is surpassed only by humanity (society)

The floor is the vast emptiness

And disgust I am left with when I try to find

The one common good in people

People lie.

People cheat.

People Pretend.

I’m not disillusioned, I just don’t understand

Another car will crash and another hole be dug

No bodies are ever buried, only numbers

Numbers don’t have faces, my friends do

I’ve buried my friends

My friends aren’t numbers

Ever notice how the bus stop is a little colder

Than the news reports?

Or how pencils don’t work unless they’re sharpened

Imagine if everything in the world was dull

No points, no cuts, no scrapes, no pricks.

But then nothing would feel at all

No vividness, no joy, no warmth, no love.

Do you take cream and sugar?

Dustin's poem just feels right right now, it was a really good day, but god this just says it...


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