Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just to clarify why I am doing this thing. One, I have so much caffiene in me and Two, I am procrastinating.
Deep Questions

I. What if…
…You had a chance to go back in time but would lose
the chance to undo what you do?: no way, only live in the future
...You could be beautiful but stupid or ugly but
intelligent?: Intellegent, fo sure
...You had the choice to either die young without pain
or older with pain?: older with pain
...You could be rich and famous and unhappy or poor
and happy?: poor and happy
…You could be fat and marry the guy/girl of your
dreams or skinny and marry no one?: fat and the guy of my dreams
…You got separated from your family in an airport?: I scream thank God and then buy a ticket to Milan and run away, or hide in a corner and cry
…You were kidnapped?: Bite the kidnappers finger off and spit it in their face and hope they would be really grossed out and let me go
…You were locked outside your house?: Sit on my stoop and read
…You had to chose between saving your true love or
best friend and could only save one, but could
sacrifice yourself to save both?: Sacrifice myself
…You could say only one thing before you died?: say i love you to all i care about
…You were about to die in three weeks?: Buy a chanel quilted clutch, tell Bush in persyn to go fuck himself, smoke weed, pass legislation repealing everything Bush has done and meet Marc Jacobs
…You could live in another era?: 60's baby, sweet clothes and nothing but sweet lovin'
…You had the choice between life in prision or death
penalty?: Life in prison
…You had the choice between a high paying but boring
job, or a reasonable-paying fun job.: High paying, and then have fun on the weekends, shallow i know
II. Would you…

…Sacrifice a big job if it meant being with your first
love?: Depends
…Sacrifice your health for lesser health and greater
happiness?: Yes
…Move to another country?: Hall Yes
…Move away from your family?: Toughie and probably in the end yes
…Use a time Travel Machine if it was invented?: To go to the future to see clothes, yes
…Use drugs if they were legal?: Prolly not, what is the fun in that
…Ever have your head frozen?: eww, that reminds me of austin powers
…Ever have you head shaved completely bald?: Yes, most def one phase of my hair life
…Have children knowing they will develop a fatal
disease and die before age five?: No, what would be the point, my happiness for someone elses eternal suffering?
…Give a close friend or family member $5,000 even
though they could never pay you back and you had the
money?: Of course
…Give a speech in front of the entire world?: If it would promote change for the better, yes
…Eat a human heart?: uh.. what kind of question is this?
…Eat something molded?: My bagle the other day was kinda green, and i eat cheese like 532965 times a day
…Play Video Games for 24 hours straight?: Super Mario, oh yeah.
III. Have you ever…

…Done something unforgivable in the eyes of society?: No
…Mooned someone?: No, tis my life goal though
…Written a Love letter?: Embarrisingly yes, but it was really cliche
…Been to jail?: Nope
…Had something published?: Nope
…Been kicked off a website, forums, xanga etc.?: Nope
…Said something you regret?: There is no point in regretting, you can't change it
…Stayed up the entire night without sleeping?: about 5 times, yes
…Done something illegal while driving besides
speeding?: ummm, try driving without a parent, without a license
…Been in a car accident?: With my mom, yes
…Done something you regret with all your heart?: Don't believe in regret
…Done something worthy of the death penalty?:no
…Ran away from something?: life at times
…Jumped out a window?: Yes, my bedroom one, with my sister

IV. Which is worse…

…Dying alone or dying in pain?: Alone
…Being rejected or being betrayed?: Betrayed
…Being in a car crash or choking?: Choking
…Waiting fifty years for someone and seeing them
afterwards or seeing someone for five years and never
again?: hmm neither? i guess that defeats the purpose
…Losing your prized posession or five posessions?: 5 posessions
…Being on an island for ten years, or realizing you
were only five miles from a major country?: huh? this question d/n make sense
…Being Deaf or Blind?: I've thought about this oddly enough, and i would miss music too much, so deaf
…Breaking your arm or your leg?: leg
…Having a cold or a headache?: cold
…Upset stomach or throwing up?: throwing up
…Burning alive or drowning?: burning alive
…Lost in the woods or losing your family in the mall?: Woods, well i guess at least there you could eat lichen, ahh ms. albrecht
…Losing your greatest writing or your greatest
artwork?: writing
…Losing all your teeth or all your fingers?: teeth

V. Took a risk…

…Proclaimed your love?: hmm awkward, no
…Waited till the last minute to complete something?: My life's motto
…Asked your dream guy/girl out?: yes and been horribly rejected
…Said something honest but stupid?: mm hmmm
…Told someone a secret?: der
…Decided to live on your own?: nope, too po
…paid money to enter a risky contest?: what? no!
…Tried out for a sport?: Yeah, if speech is a sport
…Been through a shady alley/place?: uh.. yes?
…Been through a grave yard late at night?: HELL YEAH MICHIGIN FOLKS!
…Drove for ten hours straight?: don't drive
…Didn’t wear a seatbelt with a police officer nearby?: always wear a seatbelt, gotta play by the rules sometimes
…Called the police?: yesh, and they like came and i was horrified
…Did something illegal?: Maybe.


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