Wednesday, April 04, 2007

So I got rear ended the other night. It sucked, but something life changing occured as a result of the fated accident.

So yesterday I went to the police station and picked up the police report. It's so intense! Seriously, like there are dozens of little codes that symbolized the weather conditions, the position of the cars and the overall damage. It really got me thinking, wouldn't it be great to have a job where all you did was make up little codes and complete drawings of accidents? Seriously.

But then I REALLY got thinking and compiled a list of the greatest jobs known to man kind that entail doing random and creative things like:
1. Designing fancy shampoo and water bottles. They are always so cool and unique and get to feature the fancy snap open top thingys (the technical term).
2. Naming paint colors, nail polish, crayons, ice cream flavors, technical gadgets, volkswagen cars and lipstick.
3. Inventing new staplers. Google staplers and your mind will be blown. There are so many ridiculous ones, but my personal favorite? The staple free stapler.
4. Dropping off phone books at people's houses. You could just ride around all day, blasting music and walking around throwing books onto steps. Also, if their pets were particularly yappy, aim it at them and feign ignorance when the poodle collapses from a concussion a la 651/612.
5. Zambonie driver. Why? Well let me tell you. You'd be the center of attention for 10 minutes, twice a game. Whenever there was a featured person, for example, an ice princess or the mayor, they would ride next to you and wave like they were on a parade float. You get to look all bad ass, especially when you pump the water. When it's after hours you could whip shitties on the ice. Finally and most importantly, the Gear Daddies would have a song made just for you.

My future has been busted open with the prospect of an awesome job.

thee end.


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