Wednesday, February 11, 2004

yeah so its really late and i have not started my hmwk instead i have been making valentines and hanging with my mom at church... haha story time ok so my mom and i were going to church to drop my lil bro off at religion and my mom usually speaks wednesday nights, but she wasn't really expecting anyone so we went to have a "15 minute grace period." So instead my mom and i open up a "Gather" songbook and start flipping through it... ok quick flashback so you understand the story... when we were little to keep us occupied in the car she would steal the inserts to the songbooks and make us sing church songs in the car... anyways so i opened a book and was like mom remember this song? and we did that.... for about 1 and a half, then all of the sudden Sister Mary Louise walks in and was like what is that beautiful noise? (not that i would call my mom's low singing voice on top of my tone-deaf melodies really good sounding), yeah but we talked to her for a while too and then "picked up" my brother or rather walked to his class room and were like grocery store time! whoot whoot! so we go to the grocery store, get the stuff to make cookies and make cookies for another 2 hours

synopsis of tonights events... major awesome bonding time with ma mere


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