Tuesday, May 11, 2004

So i changed the format of my blog... i like it... if you dont tough

I m sick going on 8 days, nothing good has come out of this sickness, no battle wounds from long surgeries, no endless ice cream sundays, nothing. Oh wait i m forgetting something, HOMEWORK THAT I WILL HAVE UNTIL THE REST OF MY LIFE! seriously on my death bed my mom will be pushing my final math worksheet in front of me making me do long polynomial division and saying just... hold... on. then when i had penciled in the final number they would gracefully talk me off life support, so i could die with a B- in math.

ahhh the joys of life

speaking of life i want to give a shout out to Augustus F. Candlesfid. Now Augustus has had a majorly sucky life because no one cares about his life acheivements. He was the one who invented CANDLES. who da thunk. Now truly ponder the goodness that is candles, they burn at a constant rate but slowly enough to last a really long time. The ratio of wax to wick is ingenius and i think his moment of silence is long over due.

Here's to you Candlesfid, may your candle burn bright..

thee end


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