Wednesday, November 10, 2004

ok creepy thing happened to me today...
ChildHoodsEnd985: what the fuck is up bro
punksk8ter1721: hey who is this?
ChildHoodsEnd985: fuckin tom man
punksk8ter1721: oh hey... last name?
ChildHoodsEnd985: the one in your math class
ChildHoodsEnd985: idiot
ChildHoodsEnd985: this is justin right???
punksk8ter1721: haha no... this is a chick name sam
punksk8ter1721: how do you do
ChildHoodsEnd985: sam who
punksk8ter1721: oxborough
ChildHoodsEnd985: nope dont know u
ChildHoodsEnd985: this lil kid justin gave me this sn sayin it was his
punksk8ter1721: oh, my guess is that he is trying to piss you off, or he wrote really messy

creepy thing is, the convo continued


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