Thursday, April 28, 2005

Alright... many a randomness for tonight.

I am a total advocated of go-getter womyn who can stand on their own two feet, but I must say I have been presented with some exceptions. Suprisingly enought I want boys to be stronger, don't get the wrong idea though. See, there are at least 5 instances of guys who are totally being raped by girls. Physically impossible, but mentally happening all the time, men at bending over and taking it from these bitchy girls. For example, I saw one of my buddies from freshman year and I casually waved and attempted to say hi. Instead the dude, accompanied by his sophmore girlfriend, gave me a shifty glance and went on his way. So I turn around to see him taking an earfull from the wench. GRRRR! That makes me soooo mad, it probably doesn't help that I don't like the girl in the first place. Boys! Stand up for yourself and stop following orders! Stop having your balls crushed by your other half! Stop taking it! Alright.

Well on the topic of abuse, my music collection needs some sprucing. Right now you pop in a cd of mine and I can sing you the whole damn thing down to the doo-doos. So... here's the thing. I need new bands. ASAP.

thee end


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