Monday, September 05, 2005

Recognizing that I haven't posted in a while, I’ve noticed how much has really happened since camp... drum roll please.
1. I fucking finally got my License, and in my picture I have braces, note the irony after reading number four.
2. I got a cellular phone, Betty, with beads in her hair and a jolly ring to her voice
3. My room is clean, and hopefully spider free but that cannot be guaranteed because I just found one in my bead box tonight (is nothing sacred?!?!).
4. I have braces. Yes so middle school I know, but they are temporary and just because my dentist is anal. They will be off in two weeks and consequentially will not be named.
5. I got 4 wisdom teeth surgically removed. I was high on vicodin for approx. 5 days and am just coming down off the dizzy, crazy, loopy, more words for crazy high. Also I look like a chipmunk holding it's rations for winter in its cheeks... oh school picture you will be truly loverly.
6. I interned for Christian Lacroix, and Karl Lagerfeld because I was the only one to recognize them in the lobby... alright that is only a big deal for me. I was also Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's marital counselor. Yes it was all a dream. Yes I was taking vicodin Dan.

School starts tomorrow. Eek.

Thee end


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