Thursday, June 02, 2005

OMG! People are so goddamned morally corrupt it leads me to believe that there is no good left... here i'll explain.

So here I am this afternoon minding my own business, shooting hoops outside by myself. The neighbors are all outside having a barbque and so whatevs. Then all of the sudden this dude comes peeling down our street, kinda sweervy, but be the naive persyn I am, thought it was as a result of like changing the radio, or like finding a place to park. Instead he gets out of his car, swigs a half empty beer bottle, that hasn't left his hand, goes into his back seat and grabs the four remaining from a six pack. Holy shit. Like seriously. He was already sloshed, yelling, and being all rude and such. And he was driving while literally drinking. What has this world come to....

It is
thee end


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