Tuesday, February 17, 2004

So today in band i made an effort to remember to post the horrors of third hour. It begins with a daily dose of being pushed around and chatted at from all angles in an oh-so-small entry way. After talking to banzo and neho i settle to clobber my way toward my seat, than the real fun begins. Mr. Jacobsen looks around, pretending he actually knows everybody and comments on their clothes or asks why there is an empty seat next to you, considering I m late almost everyday, i get the eye. Now you have not seen any "looks" until you seen this one. It's like he is looking, right under your clothes, rapist like, and loving every minute of it... bluck. So then we start playing, and by playing i mean playing endless repetitive scales and notes to "warm-up" for roughly 30 minutes out of 50. Then we start the piece, he starts up Dr. Beat, the well loved, har har, metrenome on a loud annoying click clop click clop, 16th note, and then expects us to play penatonic scales up and down and up and down grrr. All the while it sounds messy and not together and random and grrr, but we still need to work on it, instead he has a hissy fit for eric talking mind you he is completly silent and then decides to move on to a piece entitled "sleep" which consists of whole notes, yeah challenging to say the least. Then he starts to do this swoopy, gushy thing with the baton and i raise my hand and ask the legitimate question, "are you differentiating the difference between 2/4 and 4/4?" he looked shocked that i would question his superiority and said what do you mean... aka i have no clue what the big word you said meant... dumbass. best part about the story, this will happen for 4 trimesters to come...


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