Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Hi I m One Tree Hill
My season finale was wretched. The lead two girls became sappy best friends again and ganged up on a girl and sent her to seattle to find her boyfriend and child, whoo hoo they are officially friends now. The lead two boys had it better. Lucas, the blond one, is wistfully moving off to South Carolina with his uncle to find himself, soon to figure out that his head was not in the clouds but up his ass. The other lead boy, Nathan, got hitched at the ripe old age of 18 to his girlfriend of 6 months. This all seems a shocker but believe it or not, the girl, Hayley, was actually Lucas's best friend. My mundane, everybody dies and has sex(in that order) plot showed through when Dan mysteriously at a very young age has a heart attack, and hopes to die. Just to be noticed by his wife, ex-wife, who just woke up from sleeping with his brother. My impossible attemps at being a good drama all ended tonight folks, wait for next year, a hint, many clown... should be fun

thee end


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