Tuesday, December 07, 2004

I am copying Amber, but I love her post so like any good writer I will mimic it.

Hi, I'm Samanthat Rose Oxborough. Most people call me sam, and i sign my name Sam Ox. I have many bad habits including playing with my bangs, twirling my pencil and snapping my gum.. get over it. I am typically cynical and on a good I would like to think a little witty. My room is very messy, but my workspaces are all clean. I tend to paraphrase words, like brill and whatevs. I never look put together. I'm 16 and don't have my license, and suck at driving. I'm a control freak, stressing out and am attempting the "6 month rule."* I hate parenthetical citation. I don't like school. I enjoy debate. My favorite color is yellow, hence the colors of the walls in my room. I love music, every genre (yeah polka) and randomly buy cds off the half price books rack, even if I haven't heard of them. I play the flute. From the looks of things a regular nerd. Uhh... I only paint my left hand with nail polish, cuz I can't do my right. I tend to make many facial expressions, and have been told I sound like a gerbil when I laugh. I'd like to think I don't care what people say about me... we'll see how that holds up. I am very scattered. I act loud and obnoxious sometimes, but typically am pretty quiet if I don't know you. I am very opinionated, and a hopeless romantic. I must have a seperate folder for each subject in school and hate, loathe and abominate three-ring binders. I wish the English language with all its rules should die. New words should always be made, all the time, but should be used like they have always existed. I really like big, sophisticated words. I would like to be a fashion designer. I love Marc Jacobs. I am typically out of money. I have large and crazy ideas, most which don't get carried through. I have brown hair.

*think about yourself 6 months from now, is what your worrying about going to affect you then?


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