Friday, April 23, 2004

ok details about my night that you can piece together
1. it was a seamus night
2. my skin smells like sulfar
3. my friend is now going to prom
4. i saw the hottest guitarist, i dont care what you saw molly and maureen
6. fruity gum with stripes
7. chimichungas (sp?)
8. kick the bucket
9. maureens car has like 50 miles on it, the farthest we went is apple valley
10. WOW it was gr8

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

its only 428 on 420
new gilmore girls is on tonight
along with one tree hill p.s. what the fuck kinda name is that
i m confused, but not showing it
i need to get a new bathing suit and i m opting for boardshorts bottoms
i need to wash clothes, so i dont have to wear crusty jeans tomorrow
perfection is overrated
so is liking someone/something
the game must stop
i fold

Monday, April 19, 2004

i m sitting here.. waiting to hear what i want to hear.. and i know its never going to happen i give up

i even wrote it in my assignment notebook... it is truly time for another band blog
my defiant tone suddenly came about when mr.jacobsen proposed the shittiest idea of the century... "Its time for a change" he proudly stated and said that he felt that we should move around... i was like what. the. hell. so i clumsily gather my stuff run into various stands and people, excuse me! sorry! all the while thinking wow i h8 you i h8 you i h8 you while drudging across the packed room. so i get to my seat great.. right behind the trumpets... at least one benefit if you kno what i mean... and then mr.jacobsen proposes another plan... 1st and 2nd row trumpets switch rows... great just great so i decide to put it all past me, take a couple deep breaths and shake it off.. then i m plesantly sitting and mr. jacobsen... just full of great ideas today was like 2nd flutes move down... oh and neha you are now a first rower... congrats. so recap.. i m pissy about having to pick up my 15645469 pieces of school crap, the comedic relief just moved to the first row and the trumpets got rearranged. so again i try to tell myself, "deep breath, its going to be fine, just study for science." so i place my notecards in front of me on the stand to study and they fall off... ok so i pick them up again... and they fall off, low and behold a large vent is RIGHT ABOVE ME blowing anything i attemp to place on my stand off.. it gets better. we actually start to play and poor mr. jacobsen, i actually feel bad for him. I fell bad that he thinks his sorry attemps at a band teacher will make us sound better, it looked so determined ( even with a screwed up tongue-hanging-out-of-mouth face) to try to exert some of his good will into us... all in all it failed miserably...

thee end

Sunday, April 18, 2004

wow life is just like whoa

its like i was just at the coffee shop and i ordered a nice frothy mint condition and i m sitting there waiting for the coffee to come, in the meanwhile i m talking to a gr8 person, everything is going great, well at least i think so. and then all of the sudden the nice coffee guy is attempting to be nice and bring me my coffee, all the while he trips over my massivly huge feet and pours the coffee in my lap... i m at the stage where i m really confused as to why my legs are burning and how the hell i m going to get the stain out of my pants


Saturday, April 17, 2004

last night= sheer mahem
first of all the night started off by me coming home from school, awesome in itself, and then eric was coming to pick me up to go to watch a dance thing with him. Pixie (his determined porn-star car's name) is the best and is really gr8 to ride in hahaha. and then laura is a doll! seriously the cutest thing anyone has ever seen. upon eric dropping me off i got a phone call and low and behold it was k8, telling me she was going to be here in oh 2 minutes.and that is where the rest of the night began...

"seamus nights" are my favorite in the world. maureen k8 and i hang out with random people that i dont think in this lifetime k8 and i thought would become some pretty cool friends, and in k8s case more than friends. It was so awesome and bowling rocked even though i had to wrap my feet in tp for lack of socks! and whipping shitties with the mini van! wooo whooo! i thought maureen was going to pass out right next to me haha i m major impressed at seamus's driving ablilities and k8's too! i never thought she had it in her to break more than one driving rule but she did

the night ended flawlessly by me eating dinner at 10 and watching the Red Green show...

life is good

Thursday, April 15, 2004

i m a piece of crap according to my sister
ouch sizzle burn

i m over it

Monday, April 12, 2004

what my dinner consisted of:
flaming cheese
greek salad
finger rolls ( like baklava)
to drink- orangina!

life is good

Sunday, April 04, 2004

so the issue came up at dinner about me getting a car. I thought it to be pretty resonable, lifting the burden off of my parents for the usage of their car... blah blah blah and then my dad spazzed and was like you selfish unreasonable child, my mom was appauled that the thought came into my head the i would eventually want my own car... well i said get over it me not having my own car in just strengthening the tie you have on my life.. and it is about time we cut the umbilical cord

Thursday, April 01, 2004

Deoderant: $1.99
ChapStick: $1.29
Limited edition chocolate covered salted nut roll: 2 for $1.oo
Making it to the bathroom with out wetting yourself after an abnormally long Walgreens trip:Priceless