Thursday, April 28, 2005

Alright... many a randomness for tonight.

I am a total advocated of go-getter womyn who can stand on their own two feet, but I must say I have been presented with some exceptions. Suprisingly enought I want boys to be stronger, don't get the wrong idea though. See, there are at least 5 instances of guys who are totally being raped by girls. Physically impossible, but mentally happening all the time, men at bending over and taking it from these bitchy girls. For example, I saw one of my buddies from freshman year and I casually waved and attempted to say hi. Instead the dude, accompanied by his sophmore girlfriend, gave me a shifty glance and went on his way. So I turn around to see him taking an earfull from the wench. GRRRR! That makes me soooo mad, it probably doesn't help that I don't like the girl in the first place. Boys! Stand up for yourself and stop following orders! Stop having your balls crushed by your other half! Stop taking it! Alright.

Well on the topic of abuse, my music collection needs some sprucing. Right now you pop in a cd of mine and I can sing you the whole damn thing down to the doo-doos. So... here's the thing. I need new bands. ASAP.

thee end

Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Just to clarify why I am doing this thing. One, I have so much caffiene in me and Two, I am procrastinating.
Deep Questions

I. What if…
…You had a chance to go back in time but would lose
the chance to undo what you do?: no way, only live in the future
...You could be beautiful but stupid or ugly but
intelligent?: Intellegent, fo sure
...You had the choice to either die young without pain
or older with pain?: older with pain
...You could be rich and famous and unhappy or poor
and happy?: poor and happy
…You could be fat and marry the guy/girl of your
dreams or skinny and marry no one?: fat and the guy of my dreams
…You got separated from your family in an airport?: I scream thank God and then buy a ticket to Milan and run away, or hide in a corner and cry
…You were kidnapped?: Bite the kidnappers finger off and spit it in their face and hope they would be really grossed out and let me go
…You were locked outside your house?: Sit on my stoop and read
…You had to chose between saving your true love or
best friend and could only save one, but could
sacrifice yourself to save both?: Sacrifice myself
…You could say only one thing before you died?: say i love you to all i care about
…You were about to die in three weeks?: Buy a chanel quilted clutch, tell Bush in persyn to go fuck himself, smoke weed, pass legislation repealing everything Bush has done and meet Marc Jacobs
…You could live in another era?: 60's baby, sweet clothes and nothing but sweet lovin'
…You had the choice between life in prision or death
penalty?: Life in prison
…You had the choice between a high paying but boring
job, or a reasonable-paying fun job.: High paying, and then have fun on the weekends, shallow i know
II. Would you…

…Sacrifice a big job if it meant being with your first
love?: Depends
…Sacrifice your health for lesser health and greater
happiness?: Yes
…Move to another country?: Hall Yes
…Move away from your family?: Toughie and probably in the end yes
…Use a time Travel Machine if it was invented?: To go to the future to see clothes, yes
…Use drugs if they were legal?: Prolly not, what is the fun in that
…Ever have your head frozen?: eww, that reminds me of austin powers
…Ever have you head shaved completely bald?: Yes, most def one phase of my hair life
…Have children knowing they will develop a fatal
disease and die before age five?: No, what would be the point, my happiness for someone elses eternal suffering?
…Give a close friend or family member $5,000 even
though they could never pay you back and you had the
money?: Of course
…Give a speech in front of the entire world?: If it would promote change for the better, yes
…Eat a human heart?: uh.. what kind of question is this?
…Eat something molded?: My bagle the other day was kinda green, and i eat cheese like 532965 times a day
…Play Video Games for 24 hours straight?: Super Mario, oh yeah.
III. Have you ever…

…Done something unforgivable in the eyes of society?: No
…Mooned someone?: No, tis my life goal though
…Written a Love letter?: Embarrisingly yes, but it was really cliche
…Been to jail?: Nope
…Had something published?: Nope
…Been kicked off a website, forums, xanga etc.?: Nope
…Said something you regret?: There is no point in regretting, you can't change it
…Stayed up the entire night without sleeping?: about 5 times, yes
…Done something illegal while driving besides
speeding?: ummm, try driving without a parent, without a license
…Been in a car accident?: With my mom, yes
…Done something you regret with all your heart?: Don't believe in regret
…Done something worthy of the death penalty?:no
…Ran away from something?: life at times
…Jumped out a window?: Yes, my bedroom one, with my sister

IV. Which is worse…

…Dying alone or dying in pain?: Alone
…Being rejected or being betrayed?: Betrayed
…Being in a car crash or choking?: Choking
…Waiting fifty years for someone and seeing them
afterwards or seeing someone for five years and never
again?: hmm neither? i guess that defeats the purpose
…Losing your prized posession or five posessions?: 5 posessions
…Being on an island for ten years, or realizing you
were only five miles from a major country?: huh? this question d/n make sense
…Being Deaf or Blind?: I've thought about this oddly enough, and i would miss music too much, so deaf
…Breaking your arm or your leg?: leg
…Having a cold or a headache?: cold
…Upset stomach or throwing up?: throwing up
…Burning alive or drowning?: burning alive
…Lost in the woods or losing your family in the mall?: Woods, well i guess at least there you could eat lichen, ahh ms. albrecht
…Losing your greatest writing or your greatest
artwork?: writing
…Losing all your teeth or all your fingers?: teeth

V. Took a risk…

…Proclaimed your love?: hmm awkward, no
…Waited till the last minute to complete something?: My life's motto
…Asked your dream guy/girl out?: yes and been horribly rejected
…Said something honest but stupid?: mm hmmm
…Told someone a secret?: der
…Decided to live on your own?: nope, too po
…paid money to enter a risky contest?: what? no!
…Tried out for a sport?: Yeah, if speech is a sport
…Been through a shady alley/place?: uh.. yes?
…Been through a grave yard late at night?: HELL YEAH MICHIGIN FOLKS!
…Drove for ten hours straight?: don't drive
…Didn’t wear a seatbelt with a police officer nearby?: always wear a seatbelt, gotta play by the rules sometimes
…Called the police?: yesh, and they like came and i was horrified
…Did something illegal?: Maybe.

Sunday, April 24, 2005

Alright, I just had the most weird Caribou experience of my life.

I went in to do my homework and all the tables for two/four were taken so i am forced to take the table for six in the front. Whatevs, not like i cared, so I ordered my drink and stayed to my respective corner, thinking someone would join me if again there was a desperate need for a table. So for about 2 hours I did my thing alone, and then Mattie and a tall skinny kid ask if they can sit by me, I smile and nod to Mattie and completely ignore the other kid, thinking he was just a stupid jock. So I continue my work for around an hour while they carry- on this conversation:
Mattie: What is STP?
Random Jock Kid: I don't know, What is STP?
(Insert random conversation about Lauren Mulken then go back to chem.)
RJK: Yeah so about that STP, hey let's ask Yury (who was working).
Mattie: Yeah.
(So Yury proceeds to come over and to say sorry because he can't remember any of that stuff, so he returns back to work, and the conversation continues.)
Mattie: Yeah dude, we NEED to know this for the quiz tomorrow.
RJK: Yeah, I know.
So bravely i turn to them, out of sympathy and out of the fact they were talking so damn loud and they needed to shut up, I said, "Not meaning to eaves drop on your convo, but STP is 22.9"

And Random Jock Kid, looks up and low and behold it's David Redfield, sworn enemy from ninth grade science, and says, "Thank you so much, we were waiting for you to answer."
I started to blush. I have no clue why. Maybe it was the fact that he said thanks, instead of "Shut up smart girl," a common phrase from ninth grade.
So we continue to talk. Weird, weird, weird. It ended with a thanks, talk to you at school. Again weird.

Moral of the story: Jerks in school are typically really dumb guys who just need some chem help.

thee end

Monday, April 18, 2005

I owe my current up-surge in mood to my beloved neighbor, Hannah Louise Braemer. She is practically my sister and I love her for it. She is so funny and simple, and laughs at all the right times. Tonight we sat outside on the picnic table and did our homework, a nightly ritual. Followed by dinner, which she almost every night joins us for, followed by random activities. Tonight, while we were standing in my driveway eating our ice cream cones she was like, "So what are we doing this weekend?" We decided on a picnic and another, more fufilling, trip to the zoo.

Here's to you Chopper Harrison.

thee end

Sunday, April 17, 2005


my acronym according to this random quiz. Pretty interesting, especially the A if you ask me.

thee end

Friday, April 15, 2005

Picture this, a sixteen year old year old girl whose:
  • Hair looks like she just got done watching two hours of really bad friday night t.v.
  • Attire is a rudolph Grandma sweater (too short in the arms), pants (too short on the legs), and flip-flops.
  • Riding her younger brothers pimped out trick bike that looks three times to small, at nine o'clock at night, doing figure eights around her street blocks while passing her house at least four times.
  • Face looks like she is completely out of it, smiling like an idiot.
I love loner friday nights...

thee end

Thursday, April 14, 2005

four things going on in my life

1. on the table today at school it said, "Why do rappers always rap about karma. It's annoying."
2. I went to a new restaraunt called Punch! that makes really good pizza.
3. I am learning how to cue, it's really hard and i thought my sister was going to smack me cuz she was so annoyed.
4. I feel a sense of loss. I didn't think this was going to happen, but maybe it was always planned like this.

thee end

Sunday, April 10, 2005

I'm kinda sad right now...
I don't know, this may seem riftarded but I feel like my friends are slipping away from me, I haven't seen people in so long. Ex. Kate Powers. Where did she go? ahhh alright, I'm done

thee end

Wednesday, April 06, 2005

There are a couple of random things I would like to post, for the sake of randomness.

A Quote from something left on my desk:
"Once again the universes collide at The School of Environmental Studies in an epic electronic dance event. We invited you to go 'Drifting Away' with us as we journey into the sounds of the electronic realm. Come be part of this evening and 'dance till you can't dance no more."

A Quote from Heart of Darkness:
"I slapped him on the back and shouted, 'We shall have rivets!' He scrambled to his feet exclaiming, "No! Rivets!' as though he couldn't believe his ears. Then in a low voice, 'You... eh?' I don't know why we behaved like lunatics. I put my finger to the side of my nose and nodded mysteriously. 'Good for you!' he criend, snapped his fingers above his head, lifting one foot. I tried a jig. We capered on the iron deck. A frightful clatter came out of that hulk, and the virgin forest on the other bank of the creek sent it back in a thundering roll upon the sleeping station."

Name of band I just learned:
Discombobulated. Example in context: YEAH DISCOMBOBULATED! YOU ROCK! Not so much.

Jennifer's fortune cookie:
Friends make dissapointments divide, and happiness multiply.

thee end

Sunday, April 03, 2005

So the chalk party was a big success! A lot of people came over which was really suprising... i'm thinking a board game party is up next, but we'll see what happens. Uh.. after that megan and rick and i went over to kate's to chill. Then we chilled with max and em. Max equal em's really cute x-boyfriend with a really hot ride. Anyways, I'm off to a baptism and to apologize to my neighbors because of all the people driving fast in my neighborhood. (thanks guys)

thee end

Friday, April 01, 2005

I HAVE A NEW CURFEW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

10:30 baby, oh yeah.

p.s. Come to my Chalk Party?
What is it you ask? Well it consists of coming to my house, and adorning every driveway in my neighborhood with chalk to our hearts content!
When: Saturday at like 1:30-2ish until the last persyn leaves
Who: Everybody who's anybody
Where: My house...

thee end