Tuesday, June 21, 2005

hmm, people are so interesting.

especially the whole, I will never do that, and totally do part.

yeah mmhmmm.

thee end

Friday, June 10, 2005

Today i was at target with my mom, a rare occurance in and of itself and decided to peel around the clothes section. while doing so i saw a really cute skirt in the clearance section and i was like sweet. It was green and had a tropical print on it and would be perfect for all the weddings i will be forced to attend this summer, so anyways. Went to try it on, it was an XS, which i thought was weird, but it fit and had this great thick elastic waistband, it was cute, but decided to purchase it another day. When i was reviewing the cost before i was putting it back i noticed it was not the usual isacc mizarahi, or even mossimo target brands, but this random lady. Low and behold it was a new designer, cool, well a new maternity designer that is.

While relaying this wonderful story back to my mom in the check out line, she just smiled and recognized how truly stupid I was, while the previously stoned-faced asian check out man proceeded to laugh hysterically. I'm sure he went home and posted about me in his online journal of choice.

Well, it's not my fault that all the goddamned PG chicks get all the cute clothes.

thee end

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

this makes me so happy...
here are the really cute shoes i bought, but not for 38 dollars, no for approx 2 at goodwill (not used if i might add)

God loves me

thee end

Thursday, June 02, 2005

OMG! People are so goddamned morally corrupt it leads me to believe that there is no good left... here i'll explain.

So here I am this afternoon minding my own business, shooting hoops outside by myself. The neighbors are all outside having a barbque and so whatevs. Then all of the sudden this dude comes peeling down our street, kinda sweervy, but be the naive persyn I am, thought it was as a result of like changing the radio, or like finding a place to park. Instead he gets out of his car, swigs a half empty beer bottle, that hasn't left his hand, goes into his back seat and grabs the four remaining from a six pack. Holy shit. Like seriously. He was already sloshed, yelling, and being all rude and such. And he was driving while literally drinking. What has this world come to....

It is
thee end