Monday, September 26, 2005

I'm having a really big problem, and it's solution is socially unacceptable to my fellow Americans.

Hygiene. It's a bitch.

Seriously I take a shower every morning and by night my hair is greasy. On occasion (like today) I'll forget to put on deoderant and no matter how clean I made myself in the morning, end up smelly by evening. I can't find a clean pair of jeans. I had to make three special trips to the bathroom today just to wash away the stickyness of my hands. I keep rubbing my face out of craziness, only to have it break out 2.3 seconds later.

Water, you must really really hate me.

thee end

Monday, September 05, 2005

Recognizing that I haven't posted in a while, I’ve noticed how much has really happened since camp... drum roll please.
1. I fucking finally got my License, and in my picture I have braces, note the irony after reading number four.
2. I got a cellular phone, Betty, with beads in her hair and a jolly ring to her voice
3. My room is clean, and hopefully spider free but that cannot be guaranteed because I just found one in my bead box tonight (is nothing sacred?!?!).
4. I have braces. Yes so middle school I know, but they are temporary and just because my dentist is anal. They will be off in two weeks and consequentially will not be named.
5. I got 4 wisdom teeth surgically removed. I was high on vicodin for approx. 5 days and am just coming down off the dizzy, crazy, loopy, more words for crazy high. Also I look like a chipmunk holding it's rations for winter in its cheeks... oh school picture you will be truly loverly.
6. I interned for Christian Lacroix, and Karl Lagerfeld because I was the only one to recognize them in the lobby... alright that is only a big deal for me. I was also Kurt Cobain and Courtney Love's marital counselor. Yes it was all a dream. Yes I was taking vicodin Dan.

School starts tomorrow. Eek.

Thee end