Saturday, May 29, 2004

same old
I am out of control according to my mom. I have a sucky attitude. She hates me.
I am grounded. wow fuck life. i should just die, no really point in staying here

Wednesday, May 26, 2004

what would a werewolf be called if a vampire bit it? a werepire?

p.s. i heart drew james :-)

Monday, May 24, 2004

i m fucking sick of always doing the wrong thing, or never being good enough

My goal in life is to be quirky and own large, flashy, nostalgic things.

Friday, May 21, 2004

my generation is so messed up
sex is a focal point of our society and it pisses me off sooooooo much many many many people my age are having sex... and not feeling the consequences. I really wish by the grace of god some girl in our school would get pregnent and all the people would see what that does, and hopefully stop them from having sex! i m all for sex, but how about you love someone before you drop-your pants, ah k?

thee end

ugh i m so tired
of people
and things in general
and in general

Pwrz920: wait
Pwrz920: what do you mean cute?

Tuesday, May 18, 2004

Note to self-
never abbreviate seconds... sex

Sunday, May 16, 2004

10 things about summer that make it... it
1. your tan no longer comes from a bottle
2. you exercise, without trying to
3. you smell like chlorine all the time and your hair turns green as a result
4. the house smells good like whoa b/c of the a.c. being on
5. there is always an excuse to have a popsicle or ice cream
6. swimming suits become half-off
7. runs to Northfield, Stillwater and Hastings are regular
8. you get excited about school for like a week, something that never happens
9. non-stop chalk and b-ball with rick and k8
10. Leprechaun days- what is cooler that bathtub races, mass water ballon fights, live country-western bands, cheap stuff, and fireworks

Tuesday, May 11, 2004

Hi I m One Tree Hill
My season finale was wretched. The lead two girls became sappy best friends again and ganged up on a girl and sent her to seattle to find her boyfriend and child, whoo hoo they are officially friends now. The lead two boys had it better. Lucas, the blond one, is wistfully moving off to South Carolina with his uncle to find himself, soon to figure out that his head was not in the clouds but up his ass. The other lead boy, Nathan, got hitched at the ripe old age of 18 to his girlfriend of 6 months. This all seems a shocker but believe it or not, the girl, Hayley, was actually Lucas's best friend. My mundane, everybody dies and has sex(in that order) plot showed through when Dan mysteriously at a very young age has a heart attack, and hopes to die. Just to be noticed by his wife, ex-wife, who just woke up from sleeping with his brother. My impossible attemps at being a good drama all ended tonight folks, wait for next year, a hint, many clown... should be fun

thee end

So i changed the format of my blog... i like it... if you dont tough

I m sick going on 8 days, nothing good has come out of this sickness, no battle wounds from long surgeries, no endless ice cream sundays, nothing. Oh wait i m forgetting something, HOMEWORK THAT I WILL HAVE UNTIL THE REST OF MY LIFE! seriously on my death bed my mom will be pushing my final math worksheet in front of me making me do long polynomial division and saying just... hold... on. then when i had penciled in the final number they would gracefully talk me off life support, so i could die with a B- in math.

ahhh the joys of life

speaking of life i want to give a shout out to Augustus F. Candlesfid. Now Augustus has had a majorly sucky life because no one cares about his life acheivements. He was the one who invented CANDLES. who da thunk. Now truly ponder the goodness that is candles, they burn at a constant rate but slowly enough to last a really long time. The ratio of wax to wick is ingenius and i think his moment of silence is long over due.

Here's to you Candlesfid, may your candle burn bright..

thee end

Wednesday, May 05, 2004

Tuesday, May 04, 2004

so today i was going to the bathroom and among the lighter smily faces and the random swear words i noticed a specific i heart you message... It was directed at a Mike Farler which doesn't suprise me because i m sure Mike is a true hottie but what really got my goat are the 2 words that followed the i heart mike message.... like woah...
2 things are for sure wrong about that
1. the person spelt whoa wrong! stupid head.
2. like whoa, is sooned to be my coined catch phrase, got it?

it urked me that that was written, although mike is surely hott, it is nooooooo let me repeat NO justification to use like whoa, get it? got it? good.

thee end

Monday, May 03, 2004

the recent demand for a post has been overwhelming.... Kate... cough.... cough That's right i m in such a delusional state that i did the loser cough deemed uncool in 1999, its back and here to stay.

the a.p. test is friday, half of the people who take it don't pass... my odds blow

I havent talked to Dan Kauppi for like 3 WHOLE DAYS! and the world will for surely end as a result.

I have huuuuuuge bags under my eyes that make be look like i am 24 years older than i really should look and that i m a hard-ass drug user.

THe icing on the cake is that my pop-up blocker is supposedly "blocking" the stupid things but it just hides them and makes my puter hella slow. so when i click ctrl-alt-delete it shows like 354 million programs running when in all actuality i am just on aim

i m just kinda confused right now too, i m latly pisses, for more reasons than just stress and am really fucking sick of the fucking fucker of an institution that they call fucking high fucking school

thee end