Tuesday, November 30, 2004

Hey world, I'm onto you and your ways
1. Nail Polish-the better quality it is the more it smells.
2. the milk in my cereal bowl my basement hasn't gotten gross, that is how cold it is down here
3."Everyone knows the new way to wear your pants is with the pocket flaps turned up!"- Bite me Rick
4. Band and anything associated with that newly deemed four letter word sucks.
5. Its bad when you are so sick of papers that you bend the assignments, like oh, say turning an essay into a play, stage directions and everything
6. Alarm clocks should die, and be buried. Don't forget a funeral.
7. I choose you, yeah you, to make up a new form of communication i hate the phone, and the computer is getting boring, ok yeah so after you read this go, and think
8. I do not sound like a gerbil when i laugh
9. If you can't tell already from this blog, and the many other posts like it I like lists. So for christmas, you should make me a list, like how cool i am, or something cool, but in list form
10. jewel, pieces of me, has got to be the neatest cd collection starter in the history of the world.
11. I now come with a warning symbol attached to my forehead- warning: I make people do stupid stuff, like drive fast and molest people, unintentionally
12. Once a fake, always a fake as i always say
13. dude is a really cool word, dude.
15. i abbrev. evrythng get the Fck o'er it!
16. to be even considered for dating material you must play, the bass guitar, trumpet, cello, or the recorder, this number courtesy of the University of Wisconsin Eau Claire Jazz band
17. lucky number
18. The concept of email blows, see #7
19. Along with me, there are others that like to list numbers, and coincidentally, they are the band of the month, the violent femmes
20. thee end

Wednesday, November 10, 2004

ok creepy thing happened to me today...
ChildHoodsEnd985: what the fuck is up bro
punksk8ter1721: hey who is this?
ChildHoodsEnd985: fuckin tom man
punksk8ter1721: oh hey... last name?
ChildHoodsEnd985: the one in your math class
ChildHoodsEnd985: idiot
ChildHoodsEnd985: this is justin right???
punksk8ter1721: haha no... this is a chick name sam
punksk8ter1721: how do you do
ChildHoodsEnd985: sam who
punksk8ter1721: oxborough
ChildHoodsEnd985: nope dont know u
ChildHoodsEnd985: this lil kid justin gave me this sn sayin it was his
punksk8ter1721: oh, my guess is that he is trying to piss you off, or he wrote really messy

creepy thing is, the convo continued

Wednesday, November 03, 2004

We'll start with the bad..
reasons my day sucks.. in no particular order
1. congress is republican
2. Minority speaker of the house, Tom Daschle was not re-elected
3. Bush is the president
4. the supreme court is going to be stacked republican
5. Roe v. Wade prolly will get over turned
6. i m tired
7. i have band tonight, pep band that is
8. Kerry conceded the election
9. i dont get math
10. everyone was in a bad mood
11. I have a pltx file to write
12. i have glenbrooks coming up/debate
13. Intesive theme is going to be hard...
Reasons why is was good.. again in no order
1. Ben Geary gave amber another cd
2. i got to hang out with cool people/ one persyn in particular
3. Ms. Lyndell is really understanding
4. Rick and i played checkers